Cell phone china’s phone-sized chinese SIM chip lets users use phone without paying

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Google News title Google’s Google Home app gives users remote access to their Google Home article Google Home, Google’s digital assistant that allows you to control devices like your refrigerator and dishwasher, is being rolled out in India as part of the Indian government’s rollout of cell phone data.

The feature, known as Google Home Access, allows users to use their Google account to access the Home app without needing to have an existing Google account, the Google spokeswoman said in an email.

It is available to people in India who have an Indian bank account.

India has a population of almost 5.4 billion people, and the country’s internet penetration is just around 4.2 percent, according to research firm IHS Markit.

Google said it would roll out the feature to all Indian users in the next few months.

Google Home Access also allows you use your Google account and a local Google account together to access all of the apps in Google Home.

It’s similar to what you can do with Apple Pay in the US, Google said in a blog post on the feature.

The company is also rolling out a new feature called Google Play Music, which lets you stream songs from your phone and music from other Android devices like Spotify and YouTube to your Google Home for offline listening.

Google Assistant on Android is also being rolled by Google in India.

The Google Assistant app is also available on Android, Google Home and the Google Assistant speaker in India, the company said.

The announcement comes as Google continues to roll out new services and features in India and the U.S. in the face of growing competition from Apple, Amazon, Samsung and other Android-powered devices.

Google has made a point of not only offering its voice-activated assistant in India but also its Google Assistant and its Google Home services in the U

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