India to offer 5G services as soon as possible

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India is set to roll out 5G networks as soon at the earliest as the government completes a trial of 100 MHz band, telecom industry sources said on Friday.

“We will soon roll out the 5G network as soon it is available and then we will roll out 100 MHz.

We are going to do the trials with 100 MHz as soon we get the technology,” Anil Gupta, chairman of the mobile division at Idea Cellular said.

He said the rollout of 100MHz will be rolled out as soon the government approves the technology and the first batch of 5G mobile phones will be manufactured by a private company.

The company plans to start the trial of 500 MHz on the telecom network in 2020 and the 100 MHz on January 1, 2021.

“Our focus is on the trial and the rollout.

The company is working on the 100 and the 500 MHz,” Gupta said.

The technology is based on the technology of “nanomaterials” developed by a startup called “Handsfree Nanotechnologies”, a joint venture of Idea Cellular and Nokia.

The 5G technology will be the first of its kind to use “nanosats” as antennas rather than wires.

“This technology will help us connect our phones and other equipment at much lower cost,” Gupta added.