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Watch the video of the cell phone finders at the beach

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Watch the cellphone finder video that we released earlier this month.

The cell phone can find any cell phone number in the world.

It is so accurate that the cell phones that were captured were the ones that were being used by the two victims.

The cellphone finders are being used around the world to track the location of cell phone users, and this is a real-time tracking system.

It works by using GPS signals and other information from the device to track where the cellphones are and to help police track down the suspects.

So this is the first real-world example of what cell phone tracking systems are capable of.

We can see this being used for both terrorism and criminal activity.

The government claims that this tracking is necessary for stopping terrorist attacks.

This is not true.

We should be concerned about this, because this technology is being used to spy on people all around the country.

We don’t need to be afraid of these tracking devices.