What to do if you’ve been charged a bill for cell phone repair

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A cell phone bill is now being billed in Canada for repair or replacement.

It costs $30 per hour for the repair and the replacement, but the cost is still $60 for the phone, said an email from the Consumer Protection Agency of Canada.

“So, if you were charged $30 for the cost of the phone repairs and replacement, that’s a total of $60,” said John Tiller, director of the agency’s consumer services branch.

Tiller said there are also new charges for the use of cell phones outside of Canada and those are not included in the bill.

He said there is also a $10 charge for the service that the repair or repair and replacement was performed in a foreign country.

Tilling said the agency was working to set up a contact line for people who may have been charged for repairs.

The agency has not set up the line yet, but said they are considering it.

Tilly said there were two bills from the same person this month.

The first was for $100 and the second was for the same amount for $90.

The former charge was for a cell phone service provider, while the second charge was a service provided by a third party.

Tillery said the Consumer Products and Services Canada office has opened an investigation.

Tills said consumers can call the agency at 1-800-244-7470 to file a complaint.