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Why I am no longer a fan of Apple’s iPhone 7S

Posted by admin

I have been buying my iPhone 7s every year since I bought the iPhone 7 in 2013, and every year I am a bit happier.

The new models have the same beautiful glass and metal design and the new features that I love about them.

But it is a lot more complicated to get the new iPhone 7 to work with my iPhone 6s Plus, so I have switched back to the iPhone 6.

But even so, I love the iPhone 8.

The iPhone 8 has improved the performance and features of the iPhone 9, which I am more excited about.

However, I still have a couple of complaints.

First, the price of the new iPhones is high compared to the previous iPhone models, making it difficult to afford.

Second, Apple’s HomePod streaming device is more expensive than the HomePod in every other way.

Finally, the battery life is still not good for me, but the new 9.7-inch iPhone 8 is the best iPhone I have ever used.

So let’s look at why I am still a fan.

I still love the phone