Why we think cell phones have been so bad for you

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You might be surprised to know that we actually think cell phone use has been pretty good for you.

But how do you know?

Well, that’s exactly what we wanted to know.

Read moreRead MoreIn our recent report for The Conversation, we asked people what they thought about their health using a survey on the Health and Wellbeing Index (HWI), a popular measure of health.

People were asked to rate how healthy they felt on a scale from 1 to 10 and to rate the health of other people they knew using the Health Survey Online (HSAO) tool, developed by HWI.

The results showed that people who used cell phones tended to be healthier overall, but not necessarily with regard to overall health.

For example, the researchers found that people using a cell phone tended to have higher levels of good cholesterol, lower blood pressure and a lower BMI than people who didn’t use a phone.

In the study, they also found that, although the survey asked people to say whether they’d ever had a heart attack, the survey also asked if they’d had a stroke, cancer or other serious medical condition.

This suggests that people were more likely to think of cell phones as having a positive effect on their health than people were actually looking at their health.

So, for example, people using cell phones were more positive about their overall health, but they also were more negative about their own health overall.

If you’re thinking about using a cellphone, you can make sure you’re really taking care of your health, the experts said.

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