How cell phone hacking is spreading across the world

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A group of hackers has been posting information on cell phone websites in an attempt to learn how to hack a cell phone and take control of its functions, according to the New York Times.

The group, which goes by the name CellphoneShack, has posted videos on YouTube and the group’s Facebook page that are purportedly showing a hacker using a Samsung Galaxy S4, which is not sold in the United States.

One of the videos shows the hacker using the phone to access the phone’s SIM card and make a number.

In the video, the hacker can also make a call using the SIM card.

In a Facebook post on Friday, the group said it had hacked the SIM in the phone, which it said was a Samsung Samsung Galaxy X. The hack of the SIM was apparently not successful, but the group also claimed to have hacked the phone through an external access point, which meant the group could then remotely access the cell phone’s camera.

The cell phone company Samsung said in a statement to the Times that it was “deeply disappointed” by the hack.

“This is a serious breach of our customer’s privacy, and we’re investigating.

We will work with the authorities to identify and bring to justice those responsible,” the statement said.

The hacker also posted a series of videos on his Facebook page in which he said the hack of his phone had been successful.

In one video, he can be seen trying to remotely access his phone’s cameras, which were not working.

The hackers also claimed that they could take control over the phone remotely through the SIM’s internal camera.

“We can take control and turn on the camera by the SIM itself,” the hacker said in one video.

The Galaxy S6, which has a camera built-in, has also been linked to the hack and is not included in the group.

The phone company said it was investigating the hack, but it did not say if the group was connected to the hacking of the Samsung Galaxy.

In another video posted on Friday night, the hackers claim they could hack into the Samsung’s internal network and take full control over its cameras.

In it, the attackers said they could “monitor your data and see your private photos and videos.”

The hackers posted several videos on Friday in which they claimed to be hacking Samsung’s mobile network.

They also claimed they could remotely disable the camera’s camera, as well as take over the smartphone’s internal microphone and microphone jack.

The company said the Samsung phone is not being affected by the hacks.

Samsung has not said if it is working with the hackers to identify the hackers or who is behind the hack as part of the investigation.

The New York City police department is also investigating the hacks and has not confirmed whether the phones were hacked or not.

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