How to get a free LG phone, LG says

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LG Electronics has announced that it will be offering free phones to people with children under five.

The announcement, made in a press release, comes in the wake of the company’s announcement earlier this month that it was partnering with a nonprofit to give out 100,000 children’s phones to those under the age of 5.

The nonprofit will also pay LG $500 to donate the phones to a local library.

The goal of the partnership is to “help families of children ages 5 and under enjoy the best possible smartphones available to them,” LG said in the press release.

The charity will also provide LG with a free device.

“We’re thrilled to have LG in our corner as we partner with a local organization to help children enjoy their smartphones and to help them learn to use them,” said Julie Strossen, the group’s CEO.

“With the right smartphone, children can have their devices and be active members of their community.

It’s a great gift for families with children, and it’s also a great way for LG to celebrate the company and its rich heritage.”

The partnership between LG and the Children’s Technology Fund is part of a larger push to make the world more open and connected to kids.

In the US, LG has partnered with a number of nonprofit organizations to offer free smartphones to children under the 5th.

This week, LG partnered with an organization called The Children’s Alliance for a day of programming and educational activities for the children of schools and colleges.