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How to Use a Cell Phone Tripod

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— You can buy a cellphone tripod, but not a tripod with the Florida Department of Agriculture.

A Florida Department-wide advisory says it’s not allowed to use cell phone stands, tables, stools, chairs, picnic tables, etc. as a stand or table.

But if you want a tripod that will hold your phone, that’s okay.

Dairy products and food stand manufacturers say the product will be good for you and you can’t take away from the quality of the product.

Dairy and food companies say the plastic stand or tables don’t meet the USDA guidelines.

They say they have no problem with the product and have used it for years in their businesses.

The USDA says that’s not true.

The agency says the guidelines are to make sure that the product is durable and that it is safe for the consumer.

And it’s really a safety issue to be concerned about if you have a product that’s going to be used as a food stand.