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‘I don’t want my life to be like this’: Woman speaks out after she was charged with second-degree murder after her boyfriend’s girlfriend’s death

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A Toronto woman says she doesn’t want her life to become like this: After her boyfriend was charged in the death of his girlfriend’s boyfriend, she was given a new cell phone and charged $5,000 to have the phone returned.

A Toronto woman who has been charged with two counts of second-degrease murder in the 2014 death of her boyfriend has told the CBC that she does not want her family’s legacy to be as dark as her case.

The charges against the 22-year-old were dropped on Monday, and her lawyer said she has been released on a promise to appear in court in October.

She told the television station Toronto Sun in an interview on Thursday that she has tried to avoid talking about her case publicly because of the emotional trauma it has caused.

I don�t want to go into details of what happened.

I don�s want to hurt anyone.

I just want to be a positive person and go on with my life and try to make it as happy as I can, said the woman, who asked not to be identified because she fears she might be charged with murder.

“It is really hard to talk about something like that,” she said.

“It hurts me so much that I don’t have my whole life to live.”

The woman said she believes her boyfriend, who is in his 20s, killed his girlfriend, and has told police that she was stabbed.

The woman said that she didn�t feel comfortable in talking about the case because she didn’t want to cause further harm to the family.

Her family told CBC Toronto that they are still waiting for the outcome of a coronavirus investigation into the death.

Police have not revealed the circumstances of the death, but the woman told the Toronto Sun that she and her boyfriend had been arguing about money and she went to their apartment on July 22, 2014, where he had left his cellphone.

According to the woman�s police report, she called police and told them that she went into the apartment and found a knife with her blood on it and said, �I don?t want my family?s legacy to end like this,� according to the report.

Investigators have said that they did not find any evidence of a struggle, but a search of the apartment turned up a backpack full of stolen cellphones, including one belonging to the girlfriend, the woman said.

The woman told CBC that in the weeks following the girlfriend�s death, her boyfriend threatened to kill her.

She also told investigators that he made the threat after she left his apartment.

She said she told police she did not believe she could kill her boyfriend because she believed him to be emotionally damaged.

In a statement released by her lawyer on Thursday, the family of the girlfriend said they had received a letter from the Crown in March, which was addressed to the complainant and she said it contained information about the police investigation.

It said it had learned of a charge against the woman for possession of a stolen mobile phone, and the family had asked that the case be dropped.

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