Vooip calls for national phone ban over alleged spy ring

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Vooi-Petersen is a senior member of the party and the leader of the Vuoip-Finns Party (VFO).

He was born in Helsinki in 1958.

He is the former chairman of the Finnish Pirate Party.

He has also been a member of various Finnish parliament, as well as serving as a member in parliament for Vuoep in the last three elections.

The current party leader has made a career out of the internet and social media, where he has been the subject of numerous hoaxes and accusations of treason.

On Monday, the VooIPF party published a statement calling for the end of all internet communications in Finland, including mobile phones, computers and other electronic devices.

It also said the internet is a key source of political influence.

“We are not saying that the use of mobile phones is bad or that it’s a problem, but instead we want to create an atmosphere of freedom of communication,” said Vooipeinen.

“It’s an important step to stop the infiltration of information from the outside and to stop propaganda and other acts of sabotage against our country,” he added.

Voosip’s party, Vooikio, also released a statement saying that they support the Finnish police and prosecutors who are investigating the cases of the alleged spy rings.

“We are fully aware of the seriousness of the case and have a lot of sympathy for the victims and their families,” it said.

“If the accusations are proven, the perpetrators will be brought to justice.”

According to Vooiper’s statement, the party has launched a campaign to encourage other Finns to also stand up for their right to communicate with the internet.

“A lot of Finns do not understand the importance of freedom and of internet freedom,” he said.

Vooip is the fourth person to be charged with spying for the Finnish government.

On March 13, a 23-year-old man, who has since been arrested, was convicted of spying for Finland’s Ministry of Defence and sentenced to six years in prison.

On March 27, a 35-year old man was also sentenced to three years in jail for allegedly spying for Finnish President Jyrki Katainen’s government.