What you need to know about the new ‘Cell Phones’ that can’t work with your cell phone

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It’s a cell phone that doesn’t work.

And it doesn’t matter if you have a laptop or desktop computer.

That’s the claim of one of the makers of the new device that claims to be able to work with any cell phone.

“You can plug it in to a laptop and the laptop doesn’t need a cell signal,” says the product’s website.

The new device, dubbed the Cell Phone Connection, claims to have a range of up to 150 kilometres.

That includes all cell phones, as well as some cell phones from other manufacturers.

It also claims to work from an external power source, a feature not found in previous devices that required a power cable.

A spokesman for the company told The Globe and Mail the new cell phone doesn’t require a charger to operate.

It’s based on the wireless Qi technology found in all phones, but it uses a Bluetooth chip instead of Wi-Fi.

The Qi chip can be used to connect a Bluetooth device to a phone, which can then talk to the phone’s phone app.

That can be a very powerful thing, since it lets you send text messages, use an app to control the phone remotely, or even turn on a light in your house.

The company claims it will be making at least 50 new devices in 2017.

And one of them is set to hit the market this fall, the Cell Phones Connector.

It costs $199.99 and requires a smartphone, a tablet or computer to be connected.

But there are some technical challenges the company says it has fixed.

One is that the phone doesn’ work from Bluetooth to Wi-fi because the cell phone has no power supply, so the connection can’t be made with a power supply.

The other issue is that wireless Qi doesn’t allow a charging cable, which means the device won’t work if the phone is turned off.

A third issue is the phone can’t communicate with other cell phones connected to it, and so it won’t allow any users to control it remotely.

A spokesperson for the wireless charging company says they’ve been testing a wireless Qi-based cell phone for several months.

They are testing several other Qi devices, including those with the technology, and are confident they can work with the new Cell Phone Connector, according to a company spokesperson.

They say they have received requests from manufacturers to make their products.

A fourth problem is the device doesn’t support USB 3.0, the standard for charging smartphones.

A fifth problem is that Bluetooth is not compatible with the device, and it doesn’ even support a speaker jack, the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson said they’re working on a fix to the last of the issues.

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