Which cell phone companies will you choose to buy?

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Cell phone financing is getting a lot of attention in the past few years, as a growing number of companies have begun offering consumers a cheaper option for financing their mobile devices.

With the launch of AT&T’s $15/month Unlimited Data Plan, and the availability of a number of new smartphone deals, it seems that there are a number options for consumers who don’t want to shell out the cash to use their phone.

Here are the best phones available right now for the most affordable monthly rate.1.

$15 AT&amps Unlimited Data Plan (AT&amp) 2.

LG V30 4G LTE phone for $50 (LG) 3.

Nokia 6 for $80 (Nokia) 4.

OnePlus 5T for $99 (Oppo) 5.

HTC 10 for $130 (HTC) 6.

Samsung Galaxy S8+ for $180 (Samsung) 7.

Huawei Mate 9 for $160 (Huawei) 8.

Samsung Note 8 for $175 (Samsung/LG) 9.

Samsung Pixel C for $200 (Samsung Mobile) 10.

LG Pixel 2 XL for $300 (LG/Google) 11.

Xiaomi Mi 4i for $250 (Xiaomi) 12.

Xiaomi Redmi 2 for $350 (Xie) 13.

Lenovo ZUK Z3 Pro for $380 (Lenovo) 14.

OnePlus 3T for Free (Google) 15.

Huawei Ascend P7 for $500 (Huang) 16.

Xiaomi Playbook for $599 (Xinhong) 17.

Xiaomi One M9 for $749 (Xiao) 18.

Sony Xperia XZ Premium for $1,299 (Sony) 19.

Samsung M9 Plus for $3,199 (Samsung Android) 20.

OnePlus 7 Plus for Free for US users (Apple) 21.

Xiaomi X1 for $399 (Xiangli) 22.

Motorola Moto Z Play for $349 (Motorola) 23.

Samsung Chromebook 2 for Free ($50/month) 24.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus for FREE (Apple iOS) 25.

Huawei P9 Plus Plus for free (Huong) 26.

Huawei G6 Plus for cheap ($1,908) 27.

OnePlus 4X Plus for cheaper ($1/month for 30 days) 28.

Motorola Droid Turbo 2 for free ($749) 29.

Xiaomi Xiaomi Mi 5 for free for Android devices (XIAO) 30.

Motorola Xoom for free Android devices for $100/month (Xiasomi) 31.

LG Nexus 5X for free with an invite ($1.99/month if you sign up at least one month in advance) 32.

OnePlus 2 for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus ($249/month with an iPhone 6/6 Plus promo code) 33.

Xiaomi 3 for $69.99 (Xio) 34.

OnePlus 6P for $149 (Xion) 35.

Xiaomi 2 Pro for free $49.99 with a Samsung smartphone coupon code (Siemens) 36.

OnePlus X2 for $249.99(Xiaomis) 37.

OnePlus M8 for $129 (Xios) 38.

Huawei X1 Mini for $159 (Huai) 39.

Xiaomi M7 for free(Xios/Xiaos) 40.

OnePlus Z2 for free($50/year) for Android (Xiuming) 41.

HTC U11 for $299 (Htc) 42.

OnePlus One X Plus for discounted price $79 (Xiamen) 43.

Huawei Honor 8 for free iPhone discount code (Cingular) 44.

OnePlus 1X for $79.99 ($69/month on Xiuming/Cingulun) 45.

OnePlus 9 Plus for discount with a promotional code from Google (Google Play) 46.

Xiaomi 5X+ for discounted iPhone deal for free on Xiaomi (Xibei) 47.

OnePlus V for $29.99 on Xiamen (Xiu) 48.

OnePlus Mate 8 Pro for discounted phone deal on Xiasomi ( 49.

HTC One X for free discount with an invitation (Hobby Lobby) 50.

Xiaomi Z1 Pro for Free with Android phone coupon code from Samsung (SMS) 51.

Huawei M7 Pro for discount $49 (Huisai) 52.

OnePlus 10 Pro for price $129 ($79.95 on Xianxia) 53.

Samsung V20 for $109 (Samsung India) 54.

Motorola Nexus 7 for free phone discount on Samsung phones (Samsung Appstore) 55.

Xiaomi Moto Z for $59.99 for $119.99 at Xiaomises (Xiemens).com 56.

Xiaomi Droid Ultra 5X Plus 2 for discounted $89.99 phone deal (Xingkai) 57.

Motorola M8+ 2 for discount on Amazon for Android phones ( 58.

OnePlus 11 for $199

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