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Why Are You Watching My Baby’s Cell Phone?

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The baby is on the couch watching a TV show and there’s a loud noise.

What the heck is going on?

The child is crying hysterically.

The mom’s face is swollen and her eyes are red.

Her face is redder than the mother’s.

The toddler is on his stomach.

The baby’s head is rolling and his hands are shaking.

It’s dark and silent.

The father’s face was completely red and he was crying.

His eyes were red and his lips were pink.

The child was on the ground.

The mother’s face and eyes were all pink and she was crying hysteristically.

The boy was on his feet.

The girl’s face looked pink.

She was crying uncontrollably.

The mom is still screaming hysterically in the background, but the child has calmed down and is looking at the tv.

The man behind the screen looks at the baby and the woman behind the TV looks at her baby.

The dad says, “Why are you watching my baby’s cell phone?

He’s not crying.”

The baby is sitting on the mom’s lap.

The woman is standing next to the baby.

She is wearing a pink dress.

She has a red lip and a pink lip ring.

She’s wearing an open-toed pink T-shirt.

She doesn’t seem happy.

The TV is on.

The couple is laughing.

The TV is playing a cartoon on the big screen.

The cartoon is a little boy with glasses.

He has a little hat with an eagle on it.

He’s wearing sunglasses.

The man behind him is talking on the phone.

The little boy is crying and the TV is showing a cartoon of the little boy in his glasses and his glasses are getting bigger.

The lady behind the man says, “”Hello.



“The TV plays a cartoon about the little girl in her glasses.

The kid is playing with a doll.

The guy behind the guy is laughing and talking on his phone.

The baby sits on the mother.

The family is laughing hysterically at the TV.

The mother is crying.

The people are laughing hysterously.

The babies eyes are all red and they’re crying uncontrollable.

The whole family is in the dark and watching the TV on the TV screen.

The parents are laughing at the child.

The children are laughing uncontrollably and laughing on the screen.

It’s dark.

The parents are sitting next to their baby.

They’re smiling and giggling.

The lights are on and they can see the little kids.

The father is sitting next and he’s laughing.

He looks at his daughter.

She smiles and she’s smiling.

The two men are laughing.

The big family is watching the show on the huge TV.