Why cell phones are dangerous to the brain

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The American Academy of Neurology is warning against the use of cell phones in the United States.

The organization said in a statement to Business Insider that its “publication of a study in the journal Neurology that concludes that cell phones can cause permanent brain damage” was “inaccurate and unsupported by the evidence.”

The statement continued, “The association is misleading because it is not a scientific study.”

“The association has a clear scientific obligation to tell the truth about any study that claims to demonstrate an association between cell phones and brain damage,” the statement reads.

“In this case, it has done so by publishing the study in an official journal.”

The AAON statement says the study used a different method than most researchers.

It compared two groups of people who received a treatment for depression.

The first group had their blood pressure and pulse monitored.

The second group received no treatment.

The researchers used a computer program to identify the difference between the groups.

“It is important to note that the data in this study was not collected with the goal of identifying any causal relationship between cell phone use and brain injury,” the AAON said.

“Rather, it was to investigate the association between the use and severity of cell phone exposure and the risk of permanent brain injury.”

The association between cellphone use and long-term brain injury has long been controversial, with experts saying it’s not proven to cause the injury.

The AAON says the evidence is weak.

“The AAO has consistently stated that the association that is being drawn from the studies in the press and other sources is not scientific,” the organization said.

“There is no scientific evidence that cell phone-related brain injury leads to permanent brain harm.

Rather, there is clear scientific evidence to suggest that the long-lasting brain injury associated with cell phone usage is largely due to the lack of awareness that the devices may pose a risk to the user.”

The American Academy also said the AAO is biased and is not transparent.

“This is an organization that is supposed to represent the best interests of patients and physicians in medicine and research, not to promote the interests of a particular industry,” the association said.

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