Why some Verizon customers don’t have to pay for pre-paid cell phone coverage

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NEW YORK — The latest news on Verizon wireless customers in New York.

The Wall Street Journal.

Verizon announced Tuesday that it will start offering prepaid cell phone service starting in October.

The company said customers can choose to pay an additional $5 per month for service at $70 per month after taxes and fees.

Verizon said the service will cover a range of plans, including $20 per month plans, $40 per month options and $50 per month bundles.

The prepaid service is similar to those offered by carriers such as AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.

The companies also offer a data-only option, but Verizon said it would make the phone available for the same amount of data and calls.

The service will be available to New Yorkers who already have a wireless phone service and have signed up for the $70 monthly plan.

Verizon did not provide an exact number of New Yorkers it expects to receive the service, but the Wall Street Bulletin said Verizon expects to roll out the service nationwide by late September.

Verizon will also provide a monthly phone credit of $25 for customers who don’t use their phones while the prepaid service in New Jersey is being rolled out.

Verizon will also waive some of the data-usage charges on Verizon’s prepaid plans in the New York area.