How cell phone companies are using their data to spy on us

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Cell phone companies have been using their vast data to build a surveillance machine to target people based on the content of their conversations, not the actual locations they are in.

And it’s being used by the NSA and the FBI to gather and analyze data on millions of Americans.

This story starts with a simple question: How do we know that a cell phone company doesn’t have a surveillance system built in?

This is what a former NSA contractor told Recode about his experience working on a program called The Matrix.

The Matrix is a surveillance program designed to track and record communications by people in real time and to share it with other countries, according to the NSA.

It’s a major upgrade to a system called PRISM that’s been in use since 2012.

The program has the capability to gather massive amounts of data on people’s locations and even their identities.

But it also has a loophole: It’s not limited to the United States.

If you ask a cell-phone company what they’re doing, the answer you get will usually be that it’s collecting information about your location and contacts.

And, as with everything in this world, it’s not always accurate.

A spokesperson for a large cell-company told Recosode they don’t collect location data at all.

But this is not true.

Instead, cell phone carriers are collecting the location data of people using their phones in the US, but only the people in the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, France, and Italy, according the NSA, and not other countries.

The spokesperson for one of the largest carriers in the U.S. says it’s a mistake to think that the NSA’s PRISM program is limited to only the U,S.

It has been in place since 2012, and it’s now being used to track people around the world.

It was not part of the NSA program.

The same spokesperson said that cell-phones companies are only collecting the data about their customers, not people’s actual locations.

The Guardian also obtained documents showing how the government collects data about people’s social networks, including photos, videos, emails, and other private information.

The government has also used PRISM to target journalists.

It’s not just the NSA that uses cell-tower location data to track a person’s location.

The FBI, in the course of its massive sting operation on Apple, used a device called the “Global X” to track an iPhone, and the government has been using it to track journalists for years.

The Intercept found documents showing that the FBI used this device to track reporters for years, and that the agency has been able to access the phone’s location for months, even months after the reporter has deleted his phone.

This is why companies that don’t store location data in the cloud are being targeted by PRISM.

The fact that companies store data in databases doesn’t mean they are not using the information in a way that can be analyzed.

And the FBI and NSA aren’t the only ones using the technology.

The New York Times found that in some cases, the government uses location data collected by private companies to create “cookies” to target the communications of foreign terrorists.

Recode’s Sam Sinyangwe reported on the story in an extensive feature article.

What’s more, many of the companies we spoke with were not only sharing location data, but they were also using it in ways that can reveal users’ personal information.

According to Sinyangs reporting, many companies that we spoke to said they were using their location data for “targeting” and “targeted marketing.”

In other words, the company is using the data to target ads to people who might have been targets of an upcoming marketing campaign.

The companies we talked to say they are using location data on both mobile and desktop, and in some instances on both devices and devices connected to their servers.

Companies we spoke at also said that they are storing location data and other data about users on servers outside of the United State.

This means that they can use this data to identify and track people who are outside of their geographic area.

The NSA also has access to this data, according a spokesperson.

But companies say that PRISM doesn’t include any restrictions on what data is collected, or what it is used for.

These are the questions companies have now to answer: How can we trust the government when it says it can use location data?

What do we do if the government tells us it can collect location information?

Why aren’t we being told this?

And what will happen if we refuse to comply?

Read more about PRISM and how the FBI is using it.

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