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How to stop the spread of the cell phone plague

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A cellphone company has been forced to shut down after it was discovered to be selling its products on the dark web.

The company, called CellPhone, was one of many businesses offering cell phone services on the Dark Web, which is a section of the internet that is not monitored by search engines.

The service is not available on Google, Apple or Amazon.

Instead, the company offers phones to the customers via its mobile app.

The company also offers discounts on other smartphones.

It has been unclear when the company shut down.

CellPhone said in a statement that the company was temporarily suspended due to a technical issue.

It said it was working to get its services back online as quickly as possible.

The service was still available on the company’s website and it was available in the United States, Canada and Australia.

The shutdown comes as the dark net market continues to be hit hard by a string of recent cyberattacks.

The FBI has said it is investigating several cyberattacks targeting businesses and individuals, including a massive hack of Target last month that wiped $5.2 billion from the company.