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How to take a screenshot with your cell phone

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Hacker News article Hacker news has recently been getting a lot of attention for the way it keeps a record of how often people share photos and videos of their smartphones.

A recent hack showed how you can take a photo of your iPhone with a selfie stick and send it to someone using a cell phone pong.

The hack was made possible by a trick that’s called “cell phone camera mode.”

This trick allows you to take photos of your phone while it’s in camera mode, which means you can use it as a “remote camera” for your photos.

A quick tutorial shows how to do this, but here’s the best way to take screenshots with your phone using a selfie sticks.

This hack works in two ways.

First, you can set up a custom camera on your phone and capture photos in camera app like Photos or Imgur.

Then, when you want to share your screenshot with someone, you’ll need to copy it from your phone to your clipboard.

Here’s how to accomplish that.