Microsoft is pushing its own phone icon to help users find it in the Settings

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The Redmond, Wash.-based software giant is taking its phone icon on the road, offering to let users use their phone icon in the app drawer instead of the Home screen, a feature that was in place before Microsoft introduced the ability to hide or hide apps from home screens.

The company announced on Wednesday that it will now offer the icon to users, which will let them choose from several available icons that they can see in Settings.

The phone icon will appear next to the icons for the Home Screen, Settings, and apps.

Users can also choose to display a custom icon to the left of the home screen, which should give them a better sense of what they’re looking at.

To get the icon, users will need to download Microsoft’s own “Phone Icon” app, which is available for Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows Phone 7.5.

The icon will be displayed as a black circle with a red arrow pointing to the top of the screen.

To make the icon visible, users need to enable the “Display as phone icon” setting in Settings, which you can do by going to the app settings and clicking the “Show Settings” button.

The default setting is set to “On.”

The app also offers other ways to customize the icon.

If you are using an older phone with Windows Phone 9, you can turn on “Show icons as phone icons” and “Show phone icons in apps,” as well as change the icon’s background color to dark blue or red.

You can also add your own phone-specific text to the icon or add your phone number to the background.

If you have a newer phone, you’ll need to open the app and enable the settings to get the option to turn the icon on or off.

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