The first iPhone app lets you buy and sell drugs with your phone

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Apple’s iOS 9 release, which marks the first major update for the company’s mobile operating system since 2011, has been met with mixed reviews.

A number of users have reported problems with iOS 9’s new features, including a bug that causes the iPhone’s “lock screen” to display a list of all available options rather than the phone itself.iOS 9 is the first update for iPhone since the introduction of the Apple Watch in October 2016.

Its release coincides with the start of the new school year and coincides with new government policy aimed at helping schools manage the increasing costs of using smartphones.

The Apple Watch has made its mark on the market, as Apple has introduced a number of new features for the smartwatch that have not been present on the Apple device.

Among them, Apple Watch Series 3 has a much larger battery and includes a “dynamic charging” feature.

The “dynamo charging” technology allows the device to charge more quickly when the user is walking, rather than just charging while standing.

The feature has been used by many smartwatches that feature built-in batteries.

Apple has also added a new “lock down” feature to iOS 9.

When locked down, a user is unable to send and receive texts, and they can’t make calls or access websites.

In some circumstances, the device can lock itself down, so a user cannot access the internet, and even if they can, they cannot access content on the web.

While some users have complained about the lock down feature, many are happy with the new features.

Apple has said that the lock-down feature should be a feature of future iPhones, and some users say it is.iOS users have also complained about iOS 9 not supporting the FaceTime audio codec, and it has also been reported that the new Apple Watch will not support the Apple Music streaming service.

Apple’s iOS 10 release is expected to come in a few weeks, with a final release expected around the end of April.

Apple’s mobile OS will continue to be updated regularly with new features and bug fixes.