What the NFL should have done about cell phone weapons

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The NFL needs to act.

That’s the message from the league’s CEO, Roger Goodell, and the league is working on a solution.

As NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell spoke to the media in New York City on Wednesday, he outlined his vision for a solution to the problem.

“This is a serious issue.

This is not a trivial issue,” Goodell said.

“We know that people in this league have been killed in their cars with cell phones.

We know that a number of teams are in the business of selling cell phones to customers in order to recruit players.

And we know that there are many people who would rather die than play for a team that is selling cell phone guns to customers.

We are also aware that there have been multiple incidents of cell phone fires, of people being injured and killed with cell phone devices.

So we need to address this issue.

I know it’s difficult to say this but it is not something that we are going to be taking lightly.”

The NFL’s leadership believes the league has a responsibility to address the issue.

And as a result, Goodell said the league will have a strategy for how to implement a plan that will prevent future tragedies.

“There are no shortcuts to solving this issue,” he said.

The commissioner said he believes the NFL will eventually have a plan in place to address any future threats to players, which will be released in early March.

It’s unclear how long Goodell’s plan will take to develop, but it will likely include a plan to train staff on how to identify and deal with any potential threats.

Goodell’s plan also includes a number different ways to identify people who are potentially carrying cell phones, but the commissioner said the NFL is working with law enforcement to identify them as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, Goodell called on all teams to adopt a protocol for players to be on the field when they’re not carrying a weapon.

“We need to have our best minds in place, our best security and our best teams on the team,” Goodell added.

“And we need everybody to be aware of that, to take all precautions to be prepared.

And that’s what we’re working on.

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