When you’re in a city, it’s better to be a cell phone owner than a smartphone owner, and that’s true in Chicago.

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Cell phone users are far more likely to be found in Chicago than in other major cities, and the city has seen a spike in crime, including shootings, this year, according to data compiled by Business Insider.

In Chicago, people with a cell phones are about 2.3 times more likely than those without them to be shot or robbed, according a recent survey from the Chicago Police Department.

That’s nearly double the rate of the national average, which is about 0.7 times higher.

And Chicago residents with smartphones are about 4.3 more likely per 100,000 than those who don’t have them.

The survey was conducted by the Chicago Crime Prevention Research Center, which collects data on crime and arrests and conducts crime analysis through a partnership with the nonprofit Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism.

In a separate survey, Chicago police released the results of a survey that found that about 2,500 residents were shot and killed this year.

While the number of cell phone users is up in Chicago, the rate is much lower in other cities, including Boston, New York, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and Washington, DC.

The most recent census data on the number and number of people without a cell signal was from the United States Census Bureau, which does not break out the number without a phone, the most common way to communicate with a phone.

Chicagoans without a cellphone account for about 1 in 8 residents.

The other cities with the highest numbers of people with cell phone without a signal are Los Angeles, Dallas, Denver, and Chicago.

The data comes at a time when Chicagoans are trying to come to terms with the loss of their cell phone signal and have to scramble to get calls or text messages.

The city has a growing population of people who use their phones to get to work and socialize, but they are also more likely and more likely not to be able to get online to make and receive calls.

“The trend of the past two years is that the city is seeing a lot of the cell phones that people are relying on to make calls or texts disappear, and so people are not using them at all,” said Richard Lee, the CEO of Chicago-based phone company Windstream, which operates one of the largest cellular service providers in the city.

“So, when you’re a Chicagoan, you want to be on your best behavior, because you can’t get out of your house and you don’t want to go to your cell phone carrier and tell them that you’re going to be out of service.”

Windstream has worked with the city for years to make it easier for people to have a phone and get their texts and calls through their own devices.

The company has installed its own tower, called Windstream Tower, and has offered services such as calling a friend or an emergency contact center to help customers get their messages through their phones.

But the company said the towers were still a big hurdle in getting people to switch over to their own cell service.

“People who are going to switch to a Windstream service are going, ‘Hey, I’ve got to use my cell service and it’s a hassle to switch my cell phone to a new tower and have it go to the Windstream tower,'” Lee said.

Windstream is also in the process of developing a wireless device to make the process easier for Chicagoans who donĀ“t have cell phones.

But in addition to the challenges of using Windstream to get a call or text, Windstream also said that Chicagoans have to pay for the tower, which it said cost $10,000 to install.

Windline said that Windstream plans to upgrade the towers in the coming months, but the company declined to comment on what would happen to the tower that was installed.

The problem is that people who don t have a cell service are also getting the message that they are not welcome in the Wind Stream tower, Lee said, because the tower is not connected to the network and can’t be accessed via a phone app.

“When you walk into the WindStream tower, the guy on the phone can’t access the Wind stream tower because it’s not connected.

They can’t send a text,” Lee said of the Windy City residents.

“And if you walk through the door, it will be like you are going through a security gate.”

Chicago has had an unusually high number of homicides this year that have been blamed on the rise of the “Dirty South,” a new street culture that has been blamed for the violence in many of the city’s neighborhoods.

But in the past year, there has also been an uptick in homicides linked to the influx of immigrants who have been living in the area.

Chicago has been one of many cities that have seen a surge in homicides that have involved the influx and criminalization