How to make your phone look like a million cell phones

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With the launch of the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6s Plus, the world of mobile phones has exploded.

These new devices are now more than smartphones, they’re smartphones, and they’re just as capable.

While the Apple iPhone 6 is still the top selling smartphone of all time, the iPhone 7 has overtaken it with over 70% of all smartphone shipments in 2016.

This is a new, impressive milestone, and with the release of the Apple Watch, we’ve been waiting to see how these new devices would perform on the global market.

We spent a month with the Apple watch to see what the watch would look like on a regular day, and we’re glad we did.

With the watch, we were able to see just how big the smartphone market could get, and just how much the iPhone could get.

While we can’t wait to see the Apple watches worldwide in 2021, we wanted to make sure you can have some fun and compare how the iPhone and Apple Watch stack up.

We also tried to find out just how many phones Apple has shipped to date.

We’ll give you the rundown as it comes, and as always, if you want to see our predictions, check out our Apple Watch vs iPhone predictions.

The iPhone 6 Plus is an iPhone 6Plus with a new design.

The 6 Plus also has a dual camera system, the largest ever, as well as the first true 3D touch display.

The phone also sports a new edge-to-edge OLED display that has a better viewing angle than previous OLED displays.

While there is no new design to it, the display is more comfortable to hold, and the iPhone 5S had an OLED display too.

The new design is also thicker than the 5S, with a 5.1-inch display and a larger 7.3mm bezel.

The screen also has an edge-scanning feature to improve color accuracy, and Apple claims that the display has better viewing angles than any LCD display.

There is also an edge to edge OLED display, which has a higher resolution and higher color accuracy than a standard LCD display, and that has been confirmed by the company.

The display on the iPhone is still a 1080p AMOLED display, with IPS technology.

This means the display on this phone has the same pixel density as the display found in the iPhone 4S, which means the screen is significantly brighter and brighter than its predecessor.

The display also has the ability to display more than 1080p content in real-time.

The iPhone 6 comes in a 16:9 aspect ratio.

This translates to a resolution of 1280×720 pixels on the 16:10 screen and 2048×1536 pixels on a 16.9 aspect display.

This will allow you to watch your favorite movies or videos with the phone in portrait mode.

The resolution is great for viewing movies and TV shows in full screen, as you can see below.

In addition to the display, there are a number of other changes to the iPhone.

It now comes with a 2MP camera and an 8MP front camera.

The front camera has a 1080P resolution, and you can choose from a wide range of image stabilization modes.

There are also a few different options for audio recording, including a new 3D Touch feature.

It also has support for Face ID.

There’s also an improved GPS, Bluetooth, and NFC.

The camera has the new HDR (High Dynamic Range) mode, which improves the brightness and color accuracy of photos and videos.

The image quality is also significantly better.

You can see in the picture above that the color saturation is better, with reds, blues, and greens being more accurate and having better contrast.

The HDR mode also allows you to record more than 4K video.

There are two color modes available: black and white and the white mode uses the same color gamut as the other color modes, meaning the iPhone has two different color schemes to choose from.

The white mode can be set to the standard black and whites, or the new color scheme, which is much brighter, richer, and warmer.

The colors look a little different, but overall, you’ll be able to adjust them to your liking.

You’ll also be able adjust the shutter speed, and there’s a new auto HDR mode for selfies, as seen below.

Finally, the rear camera features a new 8MP sensor.

This has a new dual pixel design with a wider color gamuet than the one found in its predecessor, the 4MP iPhone 4s.

The main difference is that the 8MP camera has been bumped up to a new 12MP resolution.

There also is a larger sensor, so it can capture more than four times the amount of light that the previous iPhone had.

The camera is also able to record 4K videos at 30fps.

Apple has introduced a number more features to the new iPhone, including new wireless charging capabilities, the ability for it to connect to a range of

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