How to use a smartphone without having to buy an expensive device

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You can use a phone without buying a smartphone or installing a device.

Here’s how.

Read moreThe company behind the Android mobile operating system has been working on a new wireless device that uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can be used for long periods of time.

The new device, called the Z3, has a 3G cellular radio module that can connect to a smartphone and also connect to the Internet.

The phone is designed to work with any of the smartphones available in India and can also be used as a portable media player, and as a speakerphone.

The Z3 uses a wireless charging system to charge the battery, and a USB cable to plug the phone into.

There’s also an IR blaster for a remote control of the device.

While the Z1 is already available in the Indian market, the Z2 will be available in early April.

The Z3 will be priced at Rs 4,999.