Jitterbug phone maker gets hit by a lawsuit over its Jitterbugs

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The company that makes the Jitterbombs is being sued for allegedly misleading consumers about the health risks of the product.

A court hearing in Sydney has been set to decide whether to force the company to stop making the devices.

The case comes as manufacturers scramble to protect their own brands after the Jitters were discovered to cause serious side effects and even death.

The makers of the Jitchers say the devices are safe, and the manufacturer of the devices, Aussie firm Lantronix, says they are made in a “world class” facility in Sydney.

But Consumer Action NSW says it’s “unbelievable” the manufacturer’s claim the Jittles are safe is “totally inaccurate”.

It says consumers have been misled by claims they can get a Jitterfix and not get sick and a case has been opened against the company.

Consumer Action NSW president, David McQueen, said the Jiterbugs were not meant to be taken to hospitals and it is “disappointing” the company didn’t tell consumers that.

“The Jitters have been around for 20 years and they are very safe,” he said.

“You should not be taking them to the hospital.”

They are supposed to be used as a deterrent.

“It’s been the same for 20-plus years.

The only reason we’re even going to take them out is because of the health concerns they cause.”

The NSW Health and Safety Department has warned consumers to use a JITERFIX as they’re meant to, and to stay away from places where they are being kept.

“We have been advised that the JITERS may be used by young people, and for those aged under 16, they may be placed in a child-resistant container, so the containers must be kept out of sight and the JITTERS should never be kept in a pocket or in a bag,” a NSW Health Department spokesperson said.

A spokesman for Lantroix said the company was “deeply saddened” about the lawsuit, which has been lodged by Consumer Action.

“As a responsible company, we are committed to ensuring that our products meet the highest standards of quality and safety,” the spokesperson said in a statement.

“Our company has a very clear product and manufacturing policy which outlines our strict procedures, which include testing and safety training.”

Consumer Action has launched a website which shows which states have laws on the books banning the use of JitterBombs, and which don’t.

“In the past year, we have seen many cases of young people being hurt and killed by the JITS, including two young girls,” Mr McQueen said.”[We] strongly urge that people avoid taking the Jits to hospitals, even if it means risking the life of a young person.”


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