‘Totally insane’ for police to detain a cellphone in the ’90s

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Police in New York have arrested a man for using a cellphone during the “80s” and “90s” to record himself and others, the New York Post reported Wednesday.

The NYPD arrested Joshua Smith on Tuesday and charged him with “continuing criminal activity while recording an unlawful assembly,” the Post said.

Smith was detained for more than three hours by police officers, who confiscated his cell phone during a search of his home.

The video shows Smith filming himself and a woman in a parked car, which then cuts to a man and woman in an alleyway.

The woman and a man appear to be talking to each other.

The Post reported that Smith has been charged with obstructing government administration and criminal trespass.

Smith’s arrest comes after he was arrested last year after allegedly filming himself performing a sex act on a woman.

Smith posted a $10,000 bond on Wednesday, the Post reported.

The NYPD said it would not comment on specific cases.