Verizon to roll out new cell phone app, phone hacks

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Verizon plans to rollout a new cell-phone app for iPhone and Android devices starting today, a spokesperson told ESPN.

The app, called CellPhone, will let users see and manage their cell phone bills, check how many minutes of free time they have left, and set alerts for other phones nearby, the spokesperson said.

Users will have to buy the app, which costs $2.99 per month, in order to activate it.

The spokesperson did not specify which phone models will be supported, and did not provide a specific price.

The rollout of CellPhone is part of Verizon’s broader strategy to push the iPhone and Google Play Store to more users and boost sales of the carrier’s devices.

Verizon recently added the option of unlimited data for users who subscribe to a $30 per month plan, but it hasn’t announced the pricing yet.