Which of these Trump tweets are actually true?

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Trump has been caught up in an embarrassing scandal over his alleged use of a private email account to communicate with foreign leaders, and the administration is now facing the prospect of a major public backlash.

But what is it that the president has been doing to try to avoid facing any of the accusations?

Here are three theories: The first theory is that Trump has gotten away with using a private server for the purposes of communicating with foreign heads of state.

In other words, Trump is not a particularly diligent or transparent person who relies on a private communication server to do his business.

But this is not the only theory, according to the Atlantic’s David Frum.

Trump is trying to evade the media spotlight by keeping his private email server private, even as the public is now demanding that the Trump administration investigate the allegations.

He’s doing so because he knows that the public will blame him for not complying with the subpoena issued to him.

So he’s keeping his server private to avoid having to answer questions about whether he’s lied to the public.

He knows that he can’t be held accountable for the damage that his use of his private server has done to American democracy.

He also knows that if he ever has to face any of these allegations, the public won’t be impressed.

“His biggest fear is that if these allegations come to light, they will turn on him,” Frum wrote.

“And that’s why he has taken the precaution of keeping his email server secret.

It’s also why he is so hesitant to admit his wrongdoing.”

Trump has repeatedly said that he does not have a private communications server, and he has repeatedly argued that he did not have an unauthorized personal email account.

But according to Frum, Trump’s claim that he never used a private account for his official business is “completely false.”

Trump told Fox News host Sean Hannity that the subpoena was issued “to make sure I didn’t do anything illegal,” and that he believes that the government is “doing the right thing” by trying to investigate the matter.

“You know, it’s not like I had a private network,” he said.

“I have a company.

You have a network.

You can go down and see it and know that it’s legal.

And if the subpoena comes down, you can be sure that it will come down.”

But the public has yet to see any evidence that the FBI is investigating whether Trump lied to them, and so Trump could easily argue that he has not been given a fair hearing by the investigation.

The second theory is the most plausible one.

It is based on a statement Trump made on Fox News on May 13, 2016, in which he said that “the truth is out there.”

He went on to say that “nobody is above the law,” and it’s up to “the American people” to decide whether he is “above the law.”

But in reality, the truth is that he is not above the laws.

In addition to being the commander in chief of the United States, Trump was once a successful business mogul.

And he is one of the wealthiest people in America.

In an interview with CNBC on May 10, 2016 — more than a year after he became president — Trump explained his business strategy by saying, “I think the people want to see me get rich.

They want to be proud of me.”

But even as a successful businessman, Trump also has a habit of making inflammatory statements.

He was reportedly fined $250,000 by New York City after he was caught on tape bragging about sexually assaulting women and threatening them with violence, and in June 2016, Trump told the New York Times that he could not be sued because “I’m not a person who can be sued.”

And yet, the Trump Organization has made millions of dollars from Trump properties around the world, including in Russia and Ukraine, and it has also given tens of millions of people in the United State free, discounted tickets to Trump events.

Trump has often made outlandish and dangerous claims about immigrants and minorities, and his use to make incendiary statements is something he has been guilty of for decades.

He has also been accused of lying under oath about the size of his hands and body during a deposition.

This last claim may be a stretch to the point that it may not be true at all, but Trump has said that the accusation is false before.

Trump’s habit of lying about his size is not unique.

The Washington Post reported on July 18 that Trump told a radio host that he had “never been so ashamed in my life.”

But Trump has also made statements that have been widely ridiculed.

For example, on October 9, 2016 during a debate in Wisconsin, Trump said that women who have had abortions should have their babies taken away.

Trump also said in November 2016 that a woman who was pregnant at the time should have her baby taken away and “killed.”

Trump’s constant lies about his body have made him an embarrassment to the Republican Party, but it is not clear that he will ever be removed from office.